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The links provided below are not intended to be exhaustive, but to highlight some Alexander Technique-related websites of interest. All links open in a new browser window. Please let me know if you find a broken link.

Conrad Brown - Alexander Technique teacher in St Neots, UK

Maret Mursa Tormis - Alexander Technique teacher in Estonia

The Finnish Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique

The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) - the oldest and largest professional society of teachers of the Alexander Technique in the world, established in 1958

The Constructive Teaching Centre - the oldest Alexander Technique teacher training school in the world, founded by Walter and Dilys Carrington in 1960, and now directed by Ruth Murray. The school where Karin did a postgraduate term

Mouritz - a specialist publisher and seller of books on the Alexander Technique. Mouritz is the publisher of scholarly editions of Alexander's own books (with the exception of The Use of the Self). The site also contains many resources for students and teachers of the Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique Education (ATE) - "a professional society founded in 2002 by Alexander Teachers who adhere to, and promote, the original teaching method of Frederick Matthias Alexander"; the site contains some excellent articles, including a very thorough introduction to the Alexander Technique

Direction Journal - a journal on the Alexander Technique; if you subscribe online to the 'free subscription' option, you can access Direction Journal's treasure trove of Walter Carrington talks on MP3, in which Walter elucidates the mysteries and subtleties of the Alexander Technique

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique - contains varied information and resources on the Alexander Technique, including a number of articles for musicians

The Alexander Technique for Musicians - some excellent articles on the Alexander Technique for musicians

Violinist in Balance - a beautifully presented interactive website devoted to a one-year research project conducted at the Utrecht Conservatory. The aim of the project was to improve playing and comfort amongst violinists and violists by fitting the equipment to their individual body sizes and shapes, and by re-educating their playing habits through having lessons in the Alexander Technique. Each part of the project is detailed in a fascinating, highly-visual and interactive way

Pedro de Alcantara – Pedro has many strings to his bow: successful Alexander Technique teacher, musician, and writer, to name but a few. His website is a fascinating resource on all these subjects, containing thought-provoking articles, blog posts, video clips and much more.

Research on the Alexander Technique and back pain published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) in 2008 - this randomised controlled trial concluded: "One to one lessons in the Alexander technique from registered teachers have long term benefits for patients with chronic back pain."

Nikolaas Tinbergen's 1973 Nobel Lecture, Ethology and Stress Diseases - Tinbergen devotes half of his 1973 Nobel Lecture to the Alexander Technique and the benefits that he and his family derived from it

Gerald Foley’s Website – Gerry is an Alexander Technique teacher with a particular interest in the scientific underpinning of the Alexander Technique. He has written numerous excellent articles in which he examines all manner of scientific themes related to the Technique with a keen intellect and scholarly rigour. In the spirit of true scientific enquiry, Gerry considers his website “a work in progress”, and welcomes comments on the themes raised in his articles.

Art of Swimming - Alexander Technique teacher Steven Shaw has applied the principles of the Alexander Technique to swimming and developed a highly effective approach for helping people of all abilities to find greater ease and enjoyment in the water - an approach he calls the Shaw Method. Steven and teachers he has trained have visited Estonia several times

The Art of Running - Alexander Technique teacher and runner Malcolm Balk teaches a way of running, based on the principles of the Alexander Technique, that he calls 'the Art of Running'.

Art of Performance, Fitness Programs for Life and Play Better Golf - these three websites belong to Alexander Technique teacher Roy Palmer. Roy specializes in applying the principles of the Alexander Technique to achieving peak performance in sports and exercise. His websites contain a number of interesting articles on these subjects

BodySense - Sally A. Tottle teaches an approach to horse riding based on the principles of the Alexander Technique. Sally visited Estonia in 2009

Ilana Machover's Website - Ilana Machover is an Alexander Technique teacher who specializes in teaching the Alexander Technique to pregnant women; she calls her approach 'Eutokia', which is a Greek word meaning 'happy childbirth'. On the 'Publications' section of her website are several downloadable articles. Karin has completed one of Ilana's Eutokia courses

Alexander Technique for Babies and Parents - the website of Jennifer Kellow, an Alexander Technique teacher in the US who has pioneered the use of the Alexander Technique with preterm infants

Sue Merry's Website - Sue Merry is an Alexander Technique teacher who teaches the Alexander Technique to children at Educare Small School. Her website contains two downloadable e-books: Edukindness: The Alexander Technique in Education, co-written by Judith Kleinman (also an Alexander Technique teacher), about their experiences with the Alexander Technique and teaching children; and The Labyrinth of Gar, an adventure story for 7- to 12-year-olds, introducing children to the principles of the Alexander Technique in a fun way. Karin has visited Sue at Educare Small School, to find out more about her work

YouTube Links
There are a lot of videos on the Alexander Technique on YouTube; unfortunately, many of them oversimplify the Technique as a form of 'posture correction'. Below are some of the best ones, showing Alexander and some of the teachers he trained, as well as other respected teachers:

F. Matthias Alexander - a short video clip of F. M. Alexander at work

Walter Carrington - a nine-minute video clip of the great Walter Carrington, who trained with F. M. Alexander, demonstrating chair work to a group of Alexander Technique teachers at the Constructive Teaching Centre

Elisabeth Walker - the sprightly Elisabeth Walker, who trained with F. M. Alexander and who is in her mid eighties in this clip, demonstrates 'the lunge'!

Marjory Barlow - a short clip showing Marjory Barlow, F. M. Alexander's niece and a distinguished teacher in her own right

Patrick Macdonald – A short documentary film about the work of Patrick Macdonald, who trained on Alexander’s first teacher training course and who was himself a prominent exponent of the Technique. The film contains footage of Macdonald demonstrating his teaching, and a short interview.

Marjorie Barstow - Marjorie Bastow, who trained on F. M. Alexander's first training course, introduces the Alexander Technique. What makes this video particularly noteworthy is that it includes some rare footage shot by Marj of
F. M. Alexander himself

Ron Murdock - Ron Murdock, an experienced Alexander Technique and voice teacher, demonstrates the whispered 'ah'

British Medical Journal: An Evaluation of the Alexander Technique, Part One, and
British Medical Journal: An Evaluation of the Alexander Technique, Part Two - a video in two parts detailing research on the Alexander Technique and back pain published in the British Medical Journal